More Sustainable

The concept of Green Construction (environment-friendly building / the product of sustainable architecture) is the practice that the effects exerted by resources used in the construction of the building (such as energy, water and materials) on human health and natural environment are enhanced at positive direction throughout the process which starts with design-manufacturing – use and ends with the end of use.

Environmental benefits of Green building include several titles: it protects the ecosystem, diversity of live organisms and natural resources and it increases the quality of air and water. The decision on the concept of green building is made at the beginning of the design. The materials to be used in the construction should be products which support the concept of environment-sensitive design.

When design is carried forward to the construction, the significant step is made towards environment-friendly building concept thanks to the character of the structural material to be used in the construction. The best structural material compatible with this concept is largely the light steel. The light steel can be recycled at rate of 90 percent. Quality and resistance are important for sustainability. It is a recyclable and reusable material.