More responsible,
more respectful

Akşan Construction believes that success is not coincidental. Furthermore, institutions should use their successes in the best way possible for themselves, their families, their companies, their countries and finally for their world. Believing that sharing multiply the success, Akşan Construction has established it as a principle to evaluate its acquisition in proper and effective resources due to its social responsibility. It gives importance especially to environmental awareness and applies its projects without forgetting the nature and protects the nature as much as possible. It always bears in mind that it is responsible for the nature in the first place and then for its country, company and family; and thus, as the profit the company gets rises, the employment opportunities and its tax payments increase, and therefore our company plans to transfer this profit to the necessary areas.

Akşan Group believes that social responsibility is the indispensable element of its management perception and gives importance to be respectful and close to people. In this respect, there is a constitution that gets all of the institutions constituting Akşan Group appropriate the perception of managing the institutions with the responsibility of economical, social and environmental effects of their activities. Our social responsibility is not limited to our job activities and their interaction. We give importance to being active in the facts about democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms as they are necessities of our society. The main principals of our social responsibility are our guide in our activities.

As being Akşan Group, we give importance to social sensibility and environmental responsibilities and try to do that in accordance and cooperation with our shareholders, employees, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and other partners in all of the geographies we begin to work.