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more idealistic, and happier!

Founded in ‘70s and undersigned many rip-roaring projects all around the world, the Akşan Yapı carried its assertion in construction of light steel structures to the construction sector and it offers a new construction alternative with light steel construction for earthquake and urban renewal. Akkon, the Light Steel System Production Factory, which was founded in Çerkezköy in 2001, is the leader manufacturer of Turkey; but, it is also one of three leader manufacturers in Europe, considering production capacity of 35 thousand tons of light steel for construction Works.

Akşan Yapı constructed many types of buildings with light steel in addition to residence construction thanks to its long standing background in the construction sector. Believing in the necessity of detached house life, Akşan Yapı constructed highest number of light steel residence in Turkey and the company broke many new grounds since its foundation. The firm introduced light steel construction system to neighbor states of Turkey in 2001 and thus, Akşan Yapı presented many first examples of different structures in Turkey such as first elementary school and dormitory buildings as well as hospital and public buildings, which were all constructed with light steel.

The experience of 2 million m2 of Light Steel

Within last decade, total experience of Akşan Yapı in buildings, which were constructed only using light steel, exceed 2 million square meters and the company is member of Turkish Association of Structural Light Steel (TUCSA) and Association of Environment-Friendly Buildings (CEDBIK).

New Grounds and Records

  • Our project known as “Izmir 35th Street” was awarded the following prizes: “Grand Prize – Most successful real estate investment of Turkey”, “Most successful branded residential project of Turkey”, and “Most successful green building project of Turkey” in the most successful real estate investments contest organized by the Capital Magazine, considered to be the real estate Oscars.
  • Following earthquake in Van, we constructed for light steel school building of Van within a period shorter than 2 months.
  • We founded first light steel manufacturing plant of Turkey. (Çerkezköy 2001)
  • Akkon Light Steel Factory is among pioneering members of manufacturers with Tuscamark (Structural Light Steel Qualification Certificate). Moreover, it is the only holder of EPD (Environmental product declarations made in concordance with ISO 14025 standard) certificate in the sector.
  • Light steel structures were first introduced by our company to neighboring states of Turkey as of 2001.
  • We constructed the first light steel healthcare facility (Bolu) and fire department (Çerkezköy) in Turkey. (2001)
  • We were granted constructions works of the first light steel school building and mass housing as subcontracted by the Ministry of Education. (TBMM Science High School, Bingöl 2003)
  • We constructed the first light steel military mass housing of Turkey. (Bingöl 2003)
  • We supported the only postgraduate program on the light steel. (İstanbul Technical University, 2003)
  • We constructed the first light steel real estate development project of Turkey. ( Terrace Life Villa Project-100 dwellings, Muğla Göcek 2007)
  • We constructed the first light steel dormitory building of Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus. (East Mediterranean University, KKTC 2004 )
  • We completed all works of the first turn-key light steel cooperative of Turkey including infra-structure within 1 year (Altınkum Cooperative, Edirne Enez, 2006. 258 dwellings)
  • We constructed the first light steel hotel of Azerbaijan. (Lenkeran 2007)
  • We constructed the first light steel building in Abu Dhabi, UAE. (2008)
  • We constructed the largest light steel complex of the Middle East and Europe. (Abu Dhabi, UAE; 180,000 square meters within 180 days; mass housing with capacity of 32000 subjects, 2008)
  • We constructed the first light steel school building of Libya. (Libya 2008)
  • We constructed the first light steel Social Insurance Institute (SGK) building of Turkey (2009)