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More Discreet

Although the world is moving towards unmanned technologies, Akşan Yapı regards human beings as the most essential factor and adopts a corporate culture that is established on human foundations, including love instead of mere professional perspectives. Employing advanced brains and investing in know-how and experience that can improve our firm’s qualities are our greatest capital.

Our Basic Human Resources Policy

Establishing original and contemporary human resources management systems in the corporation according to our strategic goals and altering them in line with the requirements of every period.

Implementing the functions of human resources management functions in line with the particular conditions and needs of the firms in the group by ensuring fair opportunities.

Analyzing current and future needs of the organization, ensuring the provision of the most suitable human resources for these needs and their development.

Maintaining a reliable selecting and hiring process without any discrimination and with a respect for laws and human rights. In line with our skill management principles, offering opportunities to recent graduates who are at the initial stage of their career lives and prioritizing in-company promotions for open positions.

Considering employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. Facilitating the orientation process of the new members of the team, preparing the required working conditions in order for the task to be performed efficiently and properly.

Developing systems that will support contribution to processes and creativity. Keeping job satisfaction, efficiency and motivation at the highest level, meeting the social and cultural needs.

Providing training opportunities for personal and professional development, encouraging continuous learning.

Demonstrating the potential in employees with a goal oriented management approach, regularly following up and improving their performances. Realizing performance based payment, career and training systems.

Working with skills with a view of organizational citizens who:

  • Adopt the mission, vision, culture and values of the organization
  • Have a high level of commitment
  • Are sensitive and cooperative
  • Are responsible and have an improved sense of mission
  • Care for continuous improvement and are flexible with changes

We believe that competent human resources are the guarantee of a superior company performance. Our goal is to be a firm that is preferred and that creates a difference, not only because of its achievements in the sector but also with its human resources policies.