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Steel structure system is a type of structure where structural elements are in the form of carrier elements (wall, covering) and elements are manufactured with cold forming method of the galvanized steel. Construction elements are manufactured in modern CNC machines in the factor under controls and inspections and they are transported to the construction site in a protected manner and they are assembled in the site. It provides advantage of sensitivity in comparison with conventional construction systems. It is possible to order doors, windows and other equipment of the project since it is a prefabricated system.

Design of the steel structures is made according to permanent construction specifications similar to that of reinforced concrete building. Calculations are made according to the load to be carried. Moreover, they are less likely exposed to earthquake loads since they are substantially lighter than reinforced concrete and it results with earthquake resistance higher than that of reinforced concrete building. Steel structures can be used in any and all types of multi-purpose buildings. Intended use included is very diverse, including dwelling, school, warehouse, dormitory and hotel etc., and currently, there are many examples of buildings which are actively used.

It enables the necessary minimum economic life of any building and even, it may be used longer. In some aging tests which measure only the steel, it was found that the resistance lasts 180 years. Moreover, the life of the material prolongs since all cross-sections are close.